In separate competitions, Self Defence Blank Guns South Africa are used mostly for required self-defense or as a starter weapon. It can be used for launching flares as well. The value of these weapons is their authenticity. They are often rendered as replicas of actual weapons, which by using it against an attacker preserves their authenticity.

The difference between blank guns and real guns

To recognize their uses and shortcomings, inform yourself about the legality, protection protocols, and characteristics of blank weapons.

Look at any video, whether it’s a Hollywood hit or a low-budget indie picture, and in any scene with a weapon, you’re bound to see a blank gun. Instead of living handguns, movie makers use blank guns and yet retain the appearance of an individual target. Protection and usability are the key factors for this replacement.

The number of blank weapons created to fit the look, sound, and work of their equivalents for the live round shooting is incredible. There are also blank fire adapters for sale if you can’t find a non-firing pistol.

What’s the point of a blank gun?

For training purposes, the key justification for blank shooting weapons other than films and cinema is and it is still very popular to use blank guns for cinematic purposes. Essentially, blank weapons look, sound, and act as the actual thing.

Well, if they’re so similar to the real thing, what’s the difference?

The only distinction is this: they do not fire live ammunition. However, at a firing range, you would always have to wear ear protection, protective glasses to aim. A section of our blank weapons disclaimer appears below.

Blank guns CANNOT shoot actual bullets. Any modification or unauthorized usage of these blank guns may cancel any warranties, including, though not limited to, warranties from the importer, dealer, and/or maker. It may be unethical to modify a blank gun and make it capable of shooting live ammunition. Blank guns are meant for show and use by adults 18 years of age or older.

Blank weapons are legal and simpler to get than a real gun, but they’re not anything to play with.
There are several applications for blank weapons to figure out if they’re what you’re searching for.

Learning to shoot

It takes time to learn to shoot. Unfortunately, certain individuals respond adversely to the sight and sound of a firearm, which makes it challenging to understand. A perfect alternative is a replica handgun. Just like a real target, the gun looks, acts and fires. When you pull the trigger, you get the chance to get used to the way the gun feels on your side, how to guarantee that you have the right grip and what it feels like.

You will learn how to fire a real gun even better after you’ve gotten relaxed. You’re still getting used to the sound, the gun action, the haze. The effects are much less serious if an error is made. Blank weapons often have less of a kick for newcomers, making things simpler. Blank weapons are a good idea to show persons of all ages how to defend themselves, their loved ones, and their houses.


Owing to territorial limits, certain collectors are unwilling to own actual weapons. You might reside in a place where the law bans real weapons. Thanks to the various usable styles, blank weapons are an excellent option. There is no requirement for Self Defence Blank Guns South Africa to be registered or certified and they are not as pricey as regular firearms. An imitation handgun draws enthusiasts who are more involved in property than shooting.

Drama Club

In a high school or college drama group, you might have a child, it’s just not viable to use live ammo on stage. You would run the risk of shooting someone in the crowd or backstage inadvertently. A great stage prop is blank weapons. Without causing damage, you have the effectiveness of the sight and sounds of true weapons. This is the explanation why blank weapons are mostly seen in films and TV shows.

Dog Training:

Educated dogs will need to be accustomed to the sight of weapons and even not to attack the gun hand of a human that may be a possible threat. Dogs used by police, military, and hunters are expected to remain vigilant during noisy sounds such as gunshots. Again for obvious purposes, using blank weapons in this training scenario is a far safer choice than using a regular gun.

Signaling devices

First off, have you ever learned of a Flare Gun or Starter Gun? Historically, blank weapons were used to mark the start of races. By attaching a flare adapter to them several Blank Weapons often can fire flares such that an individual may shoot a flare into the air to indicate panic if they are lost or injured.


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