Things To Know About Blank Guns

What is a blank gun?

The easiest way to explain a Blank Guns South Africa is to picture it in just about any way as a regular gun, except for one thing… There are no harmful bullets coming from the front of it. That’s correct, a blank gun uses a brass or metal shell much like a regular gun, filled with a primer and gunpowder, but some rocket scientists neglected to place a projectile at the end of the blank shell for whatever purpose.

Why Would You Want a Blank Gun?

The very aim of a pistol, is it not to kill something? Then why would you buy a gun that fires nothing at all, for what purpose would it serve? Nerf guns, water guns, potato guns… they all fire something…

One way to look at a Blank Guns South Africa is to think of it as a cap gun, just for adults. Blank Weapons do the same thing except on far bigger size. Close to how children want to fire their cap guns when they go boom and sparks and smoke coming out of them. And in most situations, they look and sound a lot more like a regular gun than a cap gun does.

So in truth, blank guns don’t do the primary role of a regular gun (that’s firing a bullet), but they look and sound the part of a gun. So how will this be to anybody’s practical use?

Signaling Devices:

First off, have you ever heard of a Flare Gun or Starter Pistol? Historically, blank weapons were used to mark the start of races. By attaching a flare adapter to them several Blank guns often can fire flares such that an individual may shoot a flare into the air to indicate panic if they are lost or injured.

Gun Handling and Training:

Since many Blank Guns look, work and sound almost just like regular guns, while educating an individual on proper gun handling and function, Blank Guns South Africa is a fantastic place to start. The effects are much less serious than for a regular gun if they make an error. There is still far less kick from a Blank Gun, but for inexperienced users, firing a Blank Guns South Africa is less frightening or daunting.

Why are they costing so much?

You can’t help but note that these firearms are not inexpensive. Why is that as they do not fire bullets? Well, since they have to tolerate high temperatures from the hot gases, they have to be manufactured just as well as normal weapons. There is a ton of stuff crammed into that frame in the case of the Jackal, to cause the gun to fire a whole round. People that want them to tend to have no issue with costs. They are beginning to sell like wildfire worldwide, by the look of things on the Internet.

In contrast to a traditional cartridge, a blank gun has the same or greater potential capacity. Only look at heavy-duty nail guns that pound massive nails through concrete using unique blank cartridges. The most effective of these special-purpose blanks, while they are somewhat similar to .22 rimfire bullets, is much more powerful than a .22 long rifle cartridge. That is why they are kept at the hardware store under lock and key. Nothing stops anyone from sticking something in the barrel in front of the blank and making it into a bullet, since a traditional weapon has a barrel that’s drilled into it.

The blank-firing gun is quite popular. Most countries control weapons possession, but they authorize blank-fire guns to be possessed and used because they are intentionally designed so that no bullet can be fired out of them.


While we will sell you our blank weapons over the counter or online with no license needed, please bear in mind that in an emergency, if a gun looks genuine, it can be viewed as real. In urban/built-up environments, do not fire these. They should be treated with the same respect as an actual one, even though they are just blank weapons.


Under no conditions will we assume responsibility arising from the abuse of these weapons. Do not try to change these arms in any way, since they are not designed to survive high barrel pressures and may contribute to injuries.


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