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Crime in South Africa has one of the worst crime statistics in the world. Crime has become the reason why most of our South Africa immigrate abroad. Our brand is focused on alternative forms of self-defense devices which help to place the control back into the would-be victims’ hands. With our tactical defence store range of non-lethal pepper projecting handgun like devices, customers will be able to defend themselves with not only a device which would scare would-be attackers but also gives off a potent spray which will incapacitate the individual long enough for you to escape. We are the expert tactical defence store that you need.

Pepper ball gun South Africa

No one should be limited by fear. Whether you are preoccupied about personal safety or worried about the consequences of defending yourself, these concerns alone can rob you of the life you deserve. At G & S Tactical Defence Store, we believe you can regain control of your surroundings so you can live life on your own terms.


The demand for PepperBall’s innovative, non-lethal protection continues to grow at a rapid pace. Developed in 1996 by a US military defense contractor for use in peace-keeping missions, PepperBall® devices are now used by more than 5,000 law enforcement agencies worldwide. For many departments, it has become the preferred method to control crime, chaos and public unrest without taking lives or escalating violence.

The effectiveness of the PepperBall® system has given new, safer options for individuals to maintain public safety. In more than 20 years of successful application, there have not been any reported fatalities or serious injuries. Not surprisingly, the use of PepperBall® devices has expanded into corrections facilities, border patrol, and private security. We are the Pepper Ball Gun South Africa experts




Here's What our
customers are saying!

I bought this as a gift for my father in law who is a retired police officer. He has used it a few times now and absolutely loves it! A great option for protecting your home. I plan to purchase one myself.

Ralph Stephens

Good quality and great performance. Like having the extra magazines for quicker practice, less time reloading and the backup clip with pepper spray is a comfort to have.

Jerry Walters

I love this self-defense pepper pistol! It’s very accurate, fits comfortably on the hip, and is easily concealable.

Ethan Pearson

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    Why Would You Use a Blank Gun Instead of a Real One?

    Under any circumstance, blank guns are safer to operate; which means that anyone looking to train themselves in shooting firearms can opt for a blank gun for target training and learn firing techniques. Such an item can be incredibly useful in different situations. Military firearm training or police academies often use blank pistols instead of real ones to train their officers and troops in combat. These guns have been proven quite effective to train police dogs to attune themselves to loud bangs in active shooting situations and train them to tackle an active shooter in case of confrontation.

    Safety is one of the biggest reasons that this kind of substitute weapon is becoming increasingly popular. It is ideal for a first-time gun owner to learn how to properly operate and maintain a gun before buying an actual one. It is a fantastic alternative for gun collectors to own specific models of their favourite gun models without violating gun laws in their area or going through the hassle of navigating and acquiring expensive licenses. For theatre enthusiasts, these blank guns provide the authenticity of a real dramatic, action scene without the risk of causing fatalities on set, which is why it is a much-preferred alternative prop in movie productions as opposed to real guns that are dangerous.

    A Tactical Defence Store Offering Affordable Blank Guns

    Quality is an important facet of every product we provide our customers. Guns are cherished for their sleek structures and the essence of power and thrill they bring to whoever owns them. This is where we step in to make sure that you have a selection of quality blank guns to choose from; that emulate the characteristics of an actual firearm without the lethality or heavy price tag attached to it. You’ll find a plethora of the highest-quality, front firing blank guns for sale in our arsenal which will not only look the part but also feel like the real deal.

    What Makes It Unique?

    The mechanism of blank firing guns is amazing. It works the same way; a real gun does. But it never fires a bullet because it has a blank cartridge. Manufacturers especially design such cartridges for the blank gun. They are the best choice when it comes to sound and fire stimulation. The flash we see while firing makes it quite exciting to look at.