Stay in Areas that are Illuminated

Action is faster than reaction. Criminals may lurk in darkness in order to get the jump on their victims. Criminals are known to hide behind dumpsters, bushes and cars awaiting an unsuspecting pedestrian. Walk and park in areas that are under streetlights, or away from shadowy places. Trust your gut. Check your surroundings. When you do have to travel alone, which you inevitably will make sure you minimize the chance for crimes of opportunity. If you have a Blank gun, then keep it handy and if you need 9mm Pepper Cartridges South Africa, buy it online today.Self-Defense

Stick to Populated Areas

It’s not always possible to have the company of an actual companion, though you may be able to stay in areas that are well populated. Avoid taking shortcuts through alleys or places that have fewer potential ‘witnesses’ or ‘good Samaritans.’ Remember, a criminal’s goal is to offend while simultaneously avoiding apprehension.

Avoid Wearing Flashy Jewellery

Criminals often judge books by their covers. Those who wear flashy and expensive jewellery, or show off their expensive (and easily fenced) electronics, attract attention from robbers. To avoid unwanted attention, don’t broadcast that you have valuable items in your possession. A criminal will weigh the risk of apprehension with the benefit of the crime – the greater the pay-out, the more likely a crook will be to take that risk.

Keep Your Cell Phone Charged

Cell phones are a great way to summon help when needed. Years ago, a broken-down car meant waiting alongside a road for a police officer or knocking on a stranger’s door to use their landline. Nowadays, cell phone usage is almost universal. Although cell phones provide a sense of security – they are more useful if they remain charged. Know how to use your cell phone to make emergency calls, and don’t let it become a distraction that keeps you from being attentive to your surroundings.

In the end, it’s your responsibility to take care of yourself. If you practice these skills, you’ll be separating yourself from the mass of plugged in, clueless sheep making prey easy. But remember, no-one can do anything to avoid all the dangers of life. Once you have a handle on those skills, add an active safeguard to the list.

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