Why is it so important to have a good holster? What are the things a good holster is supposed to do? A good holster:holster

  • Protects and holds the firearm secure
  • Prevents discharge
  • Prevents gun grab
  • Provides quick and easy access
  • Conceals well


Not all holsters are good holsters. Some styles are not good for concealed carry and some are just unsafe. Listed below are some important features that you need to look for in a holster:

  • Covers the trigger
  • Made from durable material
  • Good retention
  • Conceals good
  • You can get a good grip on the gun
  • Protects the gun


Some don’t cover the trigger all the way, or it is covered with cheap material. A quality holster will cover the trigger guard all the way. This is the most important factor for preventing an accidental discharge.


You want your holster to be made from a sturdy material. Leather and Kydex (a hard, moulded plastic) are the two sturdiest materials. Some holsters are hybrid and are made from a Kydex pocket for the gun and a leather backing that goes up against your body.


Your holster needs to keep your firearm in place. This is what retention is. You should be able to place your firearm in the holster and turn it upside down, without the gun falling out. If it falls out, you need to adjust the retention. Most quality Kydex holsters will have adjustable retention. Usually, it is through a screw that can be loosened and tightened.


Unless you are open carrying, you will want to make sure your gun is concealed well. IWB is the most concealable holsters. There are different positions to carry your IWB holster, but appendix carry is a favourite way for a lot of people.

Body type needs to be a consideration here. My body type may not be the same as yours so you may find something comfortable and it wouldn’t work on me. Other ways to conceal carry are OWB, shoulder holster, ankle holster and pocket carry.


This is a very important point. If your holster doesn’t allow you to get a good, full grip on your gun, then it’s not the holster you should be using. You will waste a lot of time, fiddling around with your gun to get a good grip, after you draw. This waste of time can mean the difference between life and death. Don’t chance it.


Your holster is meant to protect your gun. Retention is part of that, so it doesn’t fall out. Concealability is part of that, so someone doesn’t try to grab it. You should consider harder material holsters may leave wear marks on your gun. A softer material, like leather, may allow moisture to get to your gun so you should wipe it down each day to prevent rust.


Choosing a holster is a decision based on many factors. As you can see, there are many choices out there. Finding the right one will make you want to carry every day. If you’re not comfortable it will be easier to not carry.

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