If you are concerned about your safety, whether going to or from work, spending a night on the town, or even out in the wilderness you have several options. One of the best non-lethal products designed for self-protection is pepper spray. Over the years, pepper spray has proven itself to be effective, easy to use, and versatile for those who need to protect themselves. self-defense

There are some brands that really stand out, such as OC pepper spray for its effectiveness. But what makes pepper spray the right choice for you? There are some real advantages to using this form of self-defense in a wide variety of situations.


Pepper spray works by temporarily inflaming the mucous membranes in the nose, eyes, throat, and lungs of the attacker. When it strikes, the eyes of the attacker will automatically close as a result, temporarily blinding them and causing breathing issues which disorients the attacker as well. Even the most determined attacker cannot overcome the effect of the pepper spray which will last up to 30 minutes, but in the first few minutes, you can make your escape and call for help.

Easy to Use

While pepper spray is most effective, it’s also quite easy to employ. Many pepper spray products are small enough to be carried in a purse, holster, or even your pocket. OC pepper spray, for example, can be used quickly to stop an attacker in their tracks. You can choose the pistol-form of the spray which makes aiming easy, but even if you do not hit the eyes directly, getting the pepper spray on the chest, shoulders or near the nose or mouth is generally enough to stop any attacker.


Being non-lethal means that the effects of the pepper spray wear off, even if it does get directly into their eyes, nose, or mouth. This provides some comfort for those who are hesitant to use more lethal forms of defense. Plus, being non-lethal means that you can carry it with you in all public buildings and on the street without having to get special licenses. You should keep in mind any local ordinances or statutes that might restrict the presence of pepper spray, but such laws are generally few and far between.

Keeps Attacker at Distance

One of the most important aspects of self-defense is keeping an attacker at a distance. The further away you can keep an assailant, the better your chances of being protected. This is especially true if you are not personally skilled in self-defense methods such as karate or judo for example. Pepper spray can keep an attacker several feet away when properly employed. There are some OC pepper spray products that can extend that distance, so you can temporarily disable the assailant and run to safety all while staying well protected.

If you choose this method for your protection, then OC pepper spray is the right choice. Crafted from high-quality materials, the pepper spray by OC is simple to employ, keeps assailants at a distance,

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