Blow C75 P.A.K


Caliber: 9 mm P.A.K

Magazine Capacity: 17 + 1

Height: 140 mm

Length: 215 mm

Weight: 1200 gr

No Recoil (Has Blowback)

Double Action Trigger

Semi Automatic

Category: Product ID: 6791


South Africa has one of the largest rates of violence in the country. Crime has been the explanation for the immigration of much of our South Africans abroad. The G&S Tactical Defense Store focuses on alternative forms of self-defense tools that can put strength back to the hands of possible victims. Via the G&S Tactical Defense Store range of non-lethal pepper projecting handguns, customers will not only be able to defend themselves with a firearm that would deter prospective attackers, but would also be able to fire off a strong spray that would incapacitate the attacker long enough for them to escape. We’re a specialist tactical defence store that you need.

Why would you use a blank gun instead of a real one?

Blank guns are easier to operate under all circumstances; this means that anyone who wishes to train themselves in shooting weapons can use a blank gun for target practice and firing techniques. In a variety of instances, such an item can be incredibly beneficial. Service firearm school or police academies often use blank pistols to teach their officers and troops in combat instead of live ones. In active shooter situations, these weapons have been shown to teach police dogs to attune themselves to noisy bangs and train them to combat an active gunman in case of conflict.

Security is one of the key reasons for the increasing usage of this type of firearm replacement. It is ideal for a first-time firearm owner to learn how to treat a gun properly before purchasing an actual weapon. For weapon owners, it is a perfect alternative to buy specific iterations of their favourite gun models without breaking the gun laws in their area or going through hassle navigating and obtaining priced licences. These blank arms deliver the realism of a genuinely entertaining, action scene for theater enthusiasts without the risk of causing casualties on the stage, which is why it is a much-preferred substitution for dangerous real firearms in film productions.

G&S Tactical Defense Store offering affordable blank guns

Quality is a crucial aspect of the service that our customers supply. Their elegant systems, and the nature of their power and enthusiasm, bring arms to whoever owns them. This is where we step in to make sure you have a variety of quality blank guns to choose from; without the lethality or huge price tag attached to it, mimic the characteristics of an actual firearm. In our arsenal, you will find a plethora of top-quality, front-firing blank guns for sale that will not only look like a component, but will also sound like a real item.

What makes it unique?

The process of blank weapons is incredible. It operates the same way; as though it were a regular gun. Because it has a blank cartridge, though, it never fires a bullet. Specifically, it manufactures certain blank arms cartridges. They’re the perfect alternative when it comes to relaxing sound and fire. The flash we see when filming makes staring at it very thrilling.


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