AKSA F90 Full Black P.A.K


Semi Automatic
Weight: 855 gr.
Length: 180 mm
Height: 130 mm
Magazine Capacity: 14 + 1
Manual Safety
Has blowback

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South Africa has one of the world’s highest crime rates. Crime has been the explanation for the immigration of much of our South Africans abroad. G&S Tactical Defense Store focuses on alternate types of self-defense tools that can bring power back into the possession of the would-be victims. Through G&S Tactical Defense Store collection of non-lethal pepper projecting handguns such as devices, clients would not only be able to protect themselves with a weapon that will intimidate possible assailants, but also send off a powerful spray that would incapacitate the intruder long for you to escape. We’re the specialised tactical defence shop you like.

Why would you use a blank gun instead of a real one?

Blank weapons are better to operate in all circumstances; this ensures that someone wanting to educate themselves in shooting weapons should go for a blank gun for target practicing and methods of firing. In multiple cases, such an object may be extremely helpful. Military firearm training or police academies sometimes use blank pistols to train their officers and soldiers in battle, instead of actual ones. In active shooting cases, these weapons have been shown to teach police dogs to attune themselves to noisy bangs and train them to combat an active gunman in case of conflict.

Protection is one of the main factors for the growing use of this form of replacement firearm. Before acquiring an actual one, it is ideal for a first-time weapons owner to understand how to handle and manage a gun correctly. For firearms owners, it is a great choice to own particular versions of their preferred gun models without breaching gun laws in their region or going through the trouble of navigating and securing pricey licenses. These blank weapons offer the realism of a true exciting, action scene for theater lovers without the possibility of causing fatalities on set, which is why it is a much-preferred replacement prop in film productions as opposed to unsafe actual guns.

G&S Tactical Defense Store offering affordable blank guns

Quality is an essential feature of the commodity that our customers provide. Their stylish mechanisms and the essence of strength and excitement they carry to whoever owns them are beloved by weapons. This is where we move in and make sure that you have a range of quality blank weapons to pick from; without the lethality or big price tag added to it, imitate the features of an individual weapon. In our arsenal, you can find a plethora of top-quality, front-fired blank weapons for sale that will not only look like the part, but also sound like the real thing.

What makes it unique?

The mechanism of blank firing guns is amazing.It functions the same way; as if it were a real gun. However, since it has a blank cartridge, it never shoots a projectile. Specifically, manufactures design certain cartridges for blank weapons. They’re the perfect alternative when it comes to relaxing sound and fire. The flash we see when filming makes staring at it very thrilling.


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